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Notification for our dear fans

 We are improving and making our source more interesting and therefore have decided to upgrade our system to a much more standard one.

If you have better waiting for next game, we assure you that we have gotten a better source and now you will all enjoy more wins from our next games because it will be in three form.

- tips of the day

- fixed draw of the day

- half-time tip of the day, and

- Correct Score tip of the day

This is not how we started as you all know, recently there has been a great change in the gambling industry which  we all are trying to get use to, and  that is why we have decided to implement this great change as well in our tips blog.

Please do well to subscribe to our VIP tickets and enjoy massive winnings daily, every two days, bi - weekly and weekly and keep smiling to your bank especially those who have bet Accounts.

We also want to use this opportunity to inform you that our Fixed draws will continue to increase your wealth, make sure you always steak to it.

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